Patio DropRoll Shades[click thumbnails to view]

Patio DropRoll Shades are the perfect solution to lowering your patio temperature up to 20 degrees and extending your patio season! Patio DropRoll Shades are offered with a variety of color options and automation features, including optional wall and remote control motors as well as sun and wind sensors for automatic operation.

  • DropRoll shades cool and shade your patio from the sun to make its use more enjoyable.
  • DropRoll shades can be installed over large patio openings up to 40' wide with no center guide wires or interfering items in the opening.
  • Engineered swivel guides on the bottom bar allow operation in breezy conditions.
  • Units can be stopped at any height.

Video of the Patio Drop Roll Shades

Shutter Envy YouTube video

Patio Drop Roll - Outside View #1

Patio Drop Roll - Outside view #2

Patio Drop Roll - Inside View #1

Patio Drop Roll - Inside View #2